The Mystery of History Volume II, First Edition—Student Reader and Companion Guide (e-book)


The Mystery of History Volume II (e-book) picks up where Volume I leaves off with exciting stories of the Early Church and the history of Medieval times spanning AD 33-1460. By incorporating hands-on activities along with reading, writing, and research projects, (better known as the components of our Companion Guide) The Mystery of History offers something for all learning styles and supports all methods of education.

Your e-book purchase comes in five downloadable pieces and is a good choice for international families (seeking to avoid high shipping costs), traveling RV families (with limited space), or those seeking to go paperless.

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The Mystery of History Volume II—Student Reader and Companion Guide (e-book)

"The Early Church and the Middle Ages"

In addition to 84 Student Reader lessons, this e-book includes the following Companion Guide components: Pretests; Hands-on/Research Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students; Memory Card ideas; bi-weekly quizzes and exercises; timeline helps; maps; supplemental book lists; and more.  (Though it is recommended that Volume II be studied after the completion of Volume I, it is not necessary. This volume can serve as a stand-alone study of the Middle Ages.)

Your e-book purchase comes in five downloadable pieces.

  • Four Student Reader files—divided by the quarter—which are MOBI and EPUB friendly
  • One downloadable PDF Companion Guide that requires Adobe Reader

What are PDF, MOBI, and EPUB Files?

This product (Student Reader and Companion Guide) is also available as a black and white paperback.

Volume II Table of Contents
Volume II Sample Week



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