The Mystery of History

Homeschool History Curriculum
(for home, co-op, or the classroom)

The Mystery of History is an easy-to-use, historically accurate, Christ-centered series—featuring four volumes of world history for all ages to use at home, in a co-op, or the classroom.
"History is now my favorite subject to teach my three daughters!"
Penny B.
Homeschool Mom
"With eight children, it's so user-friendly!"
Homeschool Mom
"The Mystery of History is a God-send!"
Mary J.
Homeschool Mom

Students Love The Mystery of History

Written by a homeschool mom for her children, The Mystery of History is an award-winning world history curriculum.

Personable and Fun!

For a personal touch, the author writes directly to students—and offers fun ways to remember the lessons.

Chronological and Thoughtful

For proper context, the author covers history from around the world in the order that it happened—with a thoughtful look at a wide variety of cultures.

Historically Accurate and Easy-to-Understand

For accuracy, the author relies heavily on eyewitness accounts of world history—and provides understanding through plain language.
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Volume I—Ancient History

The Mystery of History Volume I integrates Bible history and ancient history on one timeline—to help students see God’s hand in history. (And more!)

  • Creation based
  • Biblically accurate
  • Well-documented

Volume II—Medieval History

The Mystery of History Volume II places church history and medieval history on one timeline—to help students see the spread of Christianity and the rise of Islam. (And more!)

  • Church history
  • Medieval history
  • The Rise of Islam
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Volume III—Renaissance History

The Mystery of History Volume III lines up Renaissance history with the Protestant Reformation on one timeline—to help students understand the religious wars of Europe that shaped history. (And more!)

  • Renaissance history
  • Reformation history
  • The Growth of Nations

Volume IV—Modern History

The Mystery of History Volume IV puts American history and modern history on the same timeline—to offer students context for both and help students interpret current events. (And more!)

  • Modern History
  • American History
  • Context for current events
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Association Reviews

  • "If you are looking for a new history curriculum for your family to use, I highly recommend The Mystery of History by Linda Hobar. Each volume includes coursework for one school year. The author aptly describes her work as “A Classical, Chronological, Complete Christian World History for All Ages.”"

    Sarah Shaw
    Dallas Homeschooling Examiner,
  • "Our family has been learning chronological, worldwide history with a biblical worldview for the last six years using this fabulous curriculum."

    Homeschool Mom & Blogger, Joy in Our Journey
  • "Volume III is a gorgeous edition to The Mystery of History family. A full-color, glossy hardback with 439 pages, this is a whole different style of book than the previous volumes. There is nothing like seeing Renaissance art in all its vivid beauty."

    Kate Kessler
    Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
  • "I wish The Mystery Of History had been written fifteen or twenty years earlier so that my own family could have used it. It is so much more thorough than anything we ever studied in our years of homeschooling."

    Laurie Bluedorn
    Trivium Pursuit