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The Mystery of History Volume IV: “Wars of Independence to Modern Times”

Volume IV covers world history from Johann Sebastian Bach (1708) to the global war on terror (2001–2014). Where most modern history books focus heavily on the World Wars, The Mystery of History Volume IV weaves American history into the pages of world history for proper context—on one thought-provoking timeline.
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"I became a minister according to the stewardship from God which was given to me for you, to fulfill the word of God, the mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints. To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory."
(Colossians 1:25-27)

American History Alongside Modern History

The Mystery of History Volume IV retells the stories of liberators, dictators, and inventors of modern history and integrates them chronologically with significant events of American history. Imagine the patriots of American history and their world-famous contemporaries—side by side in your studies!

Europe’s Seven Years’ War

Frederick II of Prussia provoked the Seven Years’ War in Europe in 1740. His actions contributed to the French and Indian War—on the continent of North America!

The French and Indian War

The Seven Years’ War in Europe sprawled onto the shores of North America between British and French rivals in the French and Indian War.

Livingstone Explores Africa

David Livingstone dedicated his life to the exploration of Africa—hoping to harness the riverways and disrupt the slave trade!

Harriet Tubman

Through the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman rescued unknown numbers of African slaves living in bondage in the United States.

World War II

At the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives, World War II started with the aerial bombing of Poland in 1939—and ended with the atomic bombing of Japan in 1945.

The Cold War

Following WW II, the Cold War was a silent war between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. with each side employing policy, politics, and propaganda—rather than weapons.

Mao Zedong

Overthrowing the Nationalist Party of China, Mao Zedong formed an atheistic communist regime in China in 1949, which stands today.

The Korean War

Four years after Mao Zedong formed communist China, he sided with North Korea while American troops sided with South Korea under Douglas MacArthur.

Imagine lining up such amazing figures and events on one master timeline! Imagine learning their stories back to back in the order they happened! For most of us, it’s an illuminating experience.

Take a Look Inside—The Mystery of History Volume IV

Download Lesson Samples (from our Student Reader)

Lesson samples from Week 7 (The Fall of Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo; Simon Bolivar: Liberator of South America; The Greek War of Independence)

Week 7 (Student Reader)

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Curriculum samples from Week 7 (Pretest; activities; review)

Week 7 (Companion Guide)

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The following audio sample, both with and without music, is the first lesson from Week 7.

Activity Samples

A few of the interactive activities students will participate in.

Activity 19A—Napoleon's Bicorn Hat (Easy! Poster board, staples, & trim.)

Activity 35D—Model of the Monitor (The turret swivels!)

Activity 38C—Inuit Sunglasses (Cool!)

Good news! We’ve Done the Hard Work for You!

Each of our four volumes is carefully laid out with interesting lessons in a Student Reader—and optional curriculum in a Companion Guide. (We have it all!) Here’s four easy steps to follow:
Look ahead at what the week holds. (Our Planning Pages will help!)
Turn to our beautiful books to read your lessons. (Or listen by audiobook.)
Choose age-appropriate activities. (We offer choices for different learning styles!)
Review at the end of the week. (Use any of our retention tools.)
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Engaging World History—Loved by the Whole Family

Kids love it
Parents Love It
  • "Thank you for writing The Mystery of History. You make it so personal. I really appreciate your way of thinking."

    12 Years Old
  • "Your history curriculum rocks!!!!!! It's so learnable and packed with so many interesting little tidbits of useful information that really help me."

  • "I love how you write! It makes me feel as if you are right here telling me the stories. The Mystery of History is not just a dull, dry history book."

    8th Grade
  • "We love you MOH!! With eight children, it's so user-friendly. It's a favorite w/ our family, from our nursing baby, several toddlers, and up to our 12-year-old. My newly retired Army husband loves it too!"

    Homeschool Mom
  • "Our girls are 5, 7, and 11. We are thoroughly enjoying our study of history this year. We all look forward to sitting together on the couch to read lessons and I love having age-appropriate activities already prepared for each child."

    Shelley B.
    Homeschool Mom
  • "I can't thank you enough for making history so "alive" and exciting for us this year. I am loving seeing all the dots connect. Our girls are in 1st and 3rd. We could do The Mystery of History all day...if we didn't have other things to do like math and homework."

    Charity M.
    Homeschool Mom

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1. Read the lessons in our beautiful hardback Student Reader.
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The Mystery of History Volume 4: Wars of Independence to Modern Times

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Volume IV FAQs

  • Linda Lacour Hobar, the author of The Mystery of History, offers a statement of faith that you can read here. She defines herself as an evangelical Protestant and Creationist.  

  • A historical atlas is unique in that it uses old names of old boundaries to define the land rather than modern names.  While Volume IV is primarily modern history, there are still old boundaries to consider from the 17th century that will help with understanding present time. Example: In Volume IV, students are asked to map the boundaries of Napoleon’s Empire on a blank student map. A historical atlas provides the answers. The mapping exercises in all volumes of the MOH range from easy to difficult allowing you to choose those appropriate for your students. 

  • Yes and no. We don’t market The Mystery of History Volume IV as an American history program for American students, because it is part of a world history series, and would be missing some important people and events. However, an experienced teacher may choose to use our Volume IV in two years—adding more American history along the way to count for one credit in American history and one credit in world history.

  • Yes! If used properly, any one of our four volumes of world history can be counted as a high school world history credit. The key is utilizing the Companion Guide features to their fullest to incorporate research, writing, geography, literature, quizzes, Bible reading, and more. But we most recommend Volume IV for high school to insure students learn of the important “-isms” for modern time: Darwinism, communism, Nazism, totalitarianism, socialism, Fascism, etc.

  • We feel that students in and around 7th grade are ready for modern history, but we offer hands-on projects for younger students tagging along. The time period covers patriotic themes of independence and freedom, as well as the gruesome stories of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide, and the brutal break up of Yugoslavia. While difficult, the stories are necessary, lest mankind blindly repeat history and allow more dictators to reign supreme! Outside of the World Wars, students will additionally study: the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the Trail of Tears, Charles Darwin, the Impressionists, Mother Teresa, Anwar Sadat, and much more.

  • Yes! Many families will occupy little hands with coloring pages while listening to an audiobook, narrated by the author. Furthermore, after each lesson students can choose a hands-on activity to reinforce the story using their god-given senses. They can eat, burn, dye, sculpt, color, write, or build a multitude of projects to stimulate their learning experience. The “fun” stuff will help shape a positive attitude toward school.