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The Mystery of History with All Ages

While the whole family can read or listen to the same history lesson together, what students can do with the lesson will vary by interest, skill level, and learning style. So, after every lesson in The Mystery of History, students are given optional activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students that range from fun, hands-on crafts and games—to stimulating research projects.
World History
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It's Easy to Get Started with The Mystery of History

Purchase any one of our beautiful hardback volumes (reflecting the time period of your choice); and download the included Companion Guide (full of curriculum for all ages!) You have a year’s worth of world history—ready to explore!
Look ahead at what the week holds. (Our Planning Pages will help!
Turn to our beautiful books to read your lessons. (Or listen by audiobook.)
Choose age-appropriate activities. (We offer choices for different learning styles!)
Review at the end of the week. (Use any of our retention tools.)

Scope and Sequence

There’s no right or wrong path for completing The Mystery of History series. But if you’d like tracks to run on to finish all four volumes, no matter what age you start, we have Scope & Sequence possibilities (based on the age of your oldest student.)

Scope & Sequence Possibilities

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Methods of Education and Learning Styles

The Mystery of History does not reflect any one method of education—because it is adaptable to all! Nor does it serve only one learning style—because it offers hundreds of varied activities. Just think of each volume as a tool that can be added to any toolbox.
Adaptable to numerous methods of education
Customizable for multiple ages
Flexible for numerous learning styles
Methods of Education PDF

Students Grow with the Series

Each volume increases in difficulty through content, length, and reading level so students will grow with the series naturally.

Grow with reading levels:

  • Volume I starts at a 3rd – 4th grade reading level
  • Volume II moves to a 5th – 6th grade reading level
  • Volume III advances to a 7th – 8th grade reading level
  • Volume IV peaks at a 9th grade and up reading level
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Grow with activity choices:

Not only do the activities cover a wide variety of learning styles to engage students, but age-appropriate activities allow families to re-use volumes by choosing higher level activities a second or third time through.
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Teaching all ages

The Mystery of History was designed for all ages! Naturally, there are unique features to consider for each level of learning. Choose a tab to read more about Younger, Middle, and Older Students.
(ages 5-10)
(ages 11-14)
(ages 15 and up)

Younger students (in the Grammar Stage of the Trivium) might not be ready for the full content offered in our series, but they may enjoy listening to the stories—and using their senses to learn and remember! Optional age-appropriate choices may include:

  • Acting out charades—from our activities section
  • Filling in a coloring page—made by our publisher
  • Finding places on a globe—described in our mapping exercises
  • Reading a “Picture-Book Favorite”—suggested in the Companion Guide
If you have any questions regarding your little ones, feel free to read the specific FAQ questions here:

Middle Students (in the Logic Stage of the Trivium) are ideal candidates for enjoying all the features offered in The Mystery of History.

Beyond the lessons, preteens may enjoy:

  • Playing a game—from our activities section
  • Competing with Challenge Cards—made by my publisher
  • Building a timeline—from our review section
  • Enjoying a “Read-Aloud Favorite”—suggested in the Companion Guide
If you have any questions regarding your little ones, feel free to read the specific FAQ questions here:

Older Students (in the Rhetoric Stage of the Trivium) can earn a high school credit using any of our volumes to its fullest.

Beyond the lessons, teens may benefit from:

  • Research projects—from our activities section
  • Building a Folderbook—made by my publisher
  • Reading classics—suggested in the Companion Guide
  • Taking a self-paced class with lectures by the author
If you have any questions regarding your little ones, feel free to read the specific FAQ questions here:

Group Rates & Licensing

Are you a co-op, tutorial, collaborative, hybrid school, or private school? No matter what you call your group, we’re eager to help you add The Mystery of History to your classroom with group-rate pricing and licensing. Groups of six families or more are eligible for a 30% discount from retail prices on select products through the author (The Mystery of History, Inc.) or the publisher (Bright Ideas Press), depending on the size and scope of your order.

To determine eligibility for a group rate, and whom to contact, we’ve provided a PDF of common scenarios with a check mark indicating which company can best meet your needs in each situation. We both look forward to serving you! If you have questions, contact either company for a free consultation.
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