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Troubleshooting Guide


* MP3 definition: a means of compressing a sound sequence into a very small file, to enable digital storage and transmission.
* MP4 definition: is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video and audio


1. After purchasing one of our downloadable products, you will automatically receive an email containing an internet “link” to download your MP3 or MP4 product. Even though the downloads never expire, we recommend you download your files (directions are below) as soon as possible.  To protect our copyright, you are limited to 10 attempts at downloading your product.

Download your file from email.

2. To download an MP3 or MP4 product on our website, go to My Account and log in to access your download. Click the button ‘Download’ and find your asset and click the download icon to download it.

If you registered as a ‘Guest’ and do not have an account on our website, you will not be able to use this option. Check out the information below about ‘Guest Accounts.

Login to your account and click the button ‘Downloads’.
Click the file you want to download. To protect our copyright, you are limited to 10 attempts at downloading your product.

3. For the long-term protection of your product, the best place to download it is to a desktop or laptop computer. (Desktop and laptops are not as easy to drop or lose as phones!) For your convenience, you are free to transfer them from your computer to your other electronic devices (see directions below.) You are not free, however, to share the files outside of your immediate household.  Doing so is a violation of our copyright.

4. Most of our MP3 files are very large and so they travel to you in a “compressed” file, otherwise known as a “.zip file”.

5. Where your .zip file downloads on your computer depends on the personal settings of your computer. Most computers default to storing downloads by date in a folder titled, “Downloads.” The visual icon of this file is usually a white rectangle with a zipper down the middle of it.  This means it is a “zipped” or “compressed file.”

This is what a .zip file looks like.

6. To access your product, you must decompress it or unzip it. Typically, this is done by double clicking or right clicking your mouse over the file, and clicking ‘Open with’ to find the app or software your computer uses to decompress files.

This is what a .zip decompressed file looks like.

NOTE: Most computers have decompression software already installed.  If yours does not have it, we recommend WinZip.

7. Once a file is decompressed, it will appear as a titled “folder” on your computer. At this time, it is wise to save the folder in a logical location on your computer (rather than in your download folder).  For example, you may want to create an exclusive folder for your computer titled, “The Mystery of History Audio Book.” You’ll thank yourself later when you go hunting for those lessons on a busy day!


1. The best way to install MP3 products on handheld devices (such as notepads, iPads, or Smartphones), is to download the files FIRST to a desktop or laptop computer. For one, desktop and laptop computers are not as easy to drop or lose as handheld devices and will protect and store your product for years to come.  Second, though technology is advancing rapidly*, it is at this time easier to decompress or unzip files on a desktop or laptop.  After files are decompressed, you are free to transfer them to your handheld devices (see directions below.)

2. Methods of transferring files from a computer to a handheld device vary. But most are going to utilize some form of “cloud” type software such Dropbox, iTunes, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. (Some of these are free to a certain amount of storage.) You will want to research your best option and proceed with the directions of that software.

* Note: There already exist new methods for directly downloading Mp3 files onto handheld devices like notepads, iPads, and Smartphones. However, it will require research on your part to find apps that work with your devices to decompress .zip files. (The best way to search is through your app store with the words “Decompress files”.)

If you have attempted these download directions and still have trouble, please email Lisa, our technical assistant, at magnifiedweb@gmail.com.  When download mishaps occur, we are happy to regenerate expired attempts to allow you to enjoy your products!