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The Mystery of History Volume III: “The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations”

Volume III covers world history from the Wars of the Roses in England (1455) to Isaac Watts (1707). Where most Renaissance studies primarily highlight the achievements of mankind, The Mystery of History Volume III shines light on God’s hand in history through the Reformation and synchronizes the Renaissance and Reformation—on one picturesque timeline.
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"And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing."
(1 Corinthians 13:2)

The Renaissance Alongside the Reformation

The Mystery of History Volume III retells the stories of artists, scientists, and writers of the Renaissance and integrates them chronologically with significant events of the Protestant Reformation. Imagine the lives of the Reformers and their world famous contemporaries—side by side in your studies!


In School of Athens, Raphael painted a who’s who of ancient philosophers for Pope Julius II.

Martin Luther

Martin Luther posted his Ninety-five Theses in Germany—and provoked a debate leading to the Protestant Reformation.

Sultan of the Ottomans

Suleiman failed to conquer the Holy Roman Empire but greatly expanded the Ottoman Empire in all other directions.

Ulrich Zwingli—Swiss Reformer

Once a priest in the Medieval Church, Zwingli led the Swiss toward spiritual reform and biblical teaching.

Mary, Queen of Scots

After 19 years of captivity, Mary, Queen of Scots, was executed by her political rival, Elizabeth I of England.

Jeanne d’Albret—French Reformer

Struggling with tuberculosis, Jeanne d’Albret, the queen of Navarre, supported Protestant Huguenots during the religious wars of France.

Kang-hsi the Manchu

Ascending the throne at age 13, Kang-hsi proved to be one of China’s most capable Manchurian emperors, despite his foreign roots.

John Bunyan

Imprisoned for his dissenting faith in England, John Bunyan penned The Pilgrim’s Progress, a masterful allegory of the Christian faith.

Imagine lining up such amazing figures and events on one master timeline! Imagine learning their stories back to back in the order they happened! For most of us, it’s an illuminating experience.

Take a Look Inside—The Mystery of History Volume III

Download Lesson Samples (from our Student Reader)

Lesson samples from Week 12 (William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible; Nicolaus Copernicus; Bartolomé de Las Casas)

Week 12 (Student Reader)

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Download Curriculum Samples (from our Companion Guide)

Curriculum samples from Week 12 (Pretest; activities; review)

Week 12 (Companion Guide)

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Listen to The Mystery of History Audiobook (narrated by the author!)

The following audio sample, both with and without music, is the first lesson from Week 12.

Lesson 34—William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible (with music)

Lesson 34—William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible (without music)

Activity Samples

A few of the interactive activities students will participate in.

Activity 22A—Pirates! (Arrr! That's my grandson.)

Activity 26C—Story Cube (The 6 wives of Henry VIII.)

Activity 33B—Paper Pueblo (Easy! Index cards & tape.)

Good news! We’ve Done the Hard Work for You!

Each of our four volumes is carefully laid out with interesting lessons in a Student Reader—and optional curriculum in a Companion Guide. (We have it all!) Here’s four easy steps to follow:
Look ahead at what the week holds. (Our Planning Pages will help!)
Turn to our beautiful books to read your lessons. (Or listen by audiobook.)
Choose age-appropriate activities. (We offer choices for different learning styles!)
Review at the end of the week. (Use any of our retention tools.)
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Engaging World History—Loved by the Whole Family

Kids love it
Parents Love It
  • "Your Mystery of History series is incredible! I have learned so much from them! Thank you writing from a Christian point of view and for talking about church history and the bible!"

    9 Years Old
  • "Thank you for the really fun history book. I didn't like world history until we got your book. Now it's my favorite subject."

    13 Years Old
  • "I just finished "The Mystery of History" Volume #3. I liked it so much! My favorite Lesson was probably Elizabeth I. It was definitely a work of art!"

    9 Years Old
  • "We are and have enjoyed our history, this year. Out of our few years of homeschooling, this is definitely the best. We especially enjoyed all the bible characters and best of all knowing what was going on around the world at the same time."

    Laura and Lisa King
    Homeschool Mom
  • "This is our first year using The Mystery of History and I love everything about it. History is easily my daughter's favorite subject and you wrote it in such a way that it's like reading stories about people or events. It is everything I could wish for in a history curriculum."

    Martha F.
    Homeschool Mom
  • "Out of 11th years of homeschooling and The Mystery of History made it one of our best years yet. Being able to see how history and the Bible coincide, we were able to learn more about our God, strengthen our faith, and minister to those in our circle. We enjoyed learning as a family."

    Traci L. & Family

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1. Read the lessons in our beautiful hardback Student Reader.
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The Mystery of History Volume 3 The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations

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Volume III FAQs

  • Linda Lacour Hobar, the author of The Mystery of History, offers a statement of faith that you can read here. She defines herself as an evangelical Protestant.  

  • A historical atlas is unique in that it uses old names of old boundaries to define the land rather than modern names.   Example: In Volume III, students are asked to map the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire on a blank student map. The boundaries changed with time and students need a historical atlas for the answers. The mapping exercises in all volumes of the MOH range from easy to difficult allowing you to choose those appropriate for your students. 

  • No. While there is a great deal of traditional European history in Volume III, spanning the artists that made the Renaissance famous, the author includes Ghana of West Africa, the Safavid Empire of Persia, the Mughal Dynasty of India, North America, Tokugawa Japan, Australia, the Ch’ing Dynasty of China, and more.

  • Yes! If used properly, any one of our four volumes of world history can be counted as a high school world history credit. The key is utilizing the Companion Guide features to their fullest to incorporate research, writing, geography, literature, quizzes, Bible reading, and more.

  • We feel that students in and around 5th grade are ready for the heart of the Renaissance and Reformation, but we offer hands-on projects for younger students tagging along. The time period offers insight into mankind’s strife—and God’s tender mercy.  While difficult, the bloodshed of the Reformation offers a meaningful backdrop to U.S. history, where the shackles of a monarchy were broken. Outside of the Renaissance and Reformation, students will additionally study: Ferdinand Magellan, Nicolaus Copernicus, West Africa, Squanto, Galileo, the Atlantic Slave Trade, Peter I of Russia, and much more.

  • Yes! Many families will occupy little hands with coloring pages while listening to an audiobook, narrated by the author. Furthermore, after each lesson students can choose a hands-on activity to reinforce the story using their god-given senses. They can eat, burn, dye, sculpt, color, write, or build a multitude of projects to stimulate their learning experience. The “fun” stuff will help shape a positive attitude toward school.