The Mystery of History Volume III—Student Reader and digital Companion Guide

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The Mystery of History Volume III (retailing at $99.95) covers world history from the Wars of the Roses (1455) to Isaac Watts (1707). Where most Renaissance studies primarily highlight the achievements of mankind, The Mystery of History Volume III shines light on God’s hand in history through the Reformation and synchronizes the Renaissance and Reformation—on one picturesque timeline.  (Access to the digital Companion Guide is found on the inside cover of the book!)

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This colorful hardback comes with a digital Companion Guide (through a download code inside the cover) giving you over 500 pages of Renaissance history curriculum with:

  • Pretests
  • Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students
  • Review work—Memory Card ideas, timeline prompts, mapping exercises, and quizzes
  • Literature lists and much more

For a limited time, the author’s discounted website price includes one FREE quarter of our Audiobook MP3 (a $13 value!) This is the word for word narration of the Student Reader by the author.

Need an ebook of Volume III? We don’t have one yet. But if you need digital access to Volume III, we suggest you purchase the Audiobook Mp3s and a digital Companion Guide. The two will give you a year’s worth of Renaissance history—without shipping costs!

  • The author addresses challenges that the famous artists faced, but, by customer input, does not delve into specific immoral behaviors that families are not yet ready to address.

  • No. The author added only modest examples of Renaissance artwork to this volume. For notoriety, the famous nude statue of David by Michelangelo is included, but only from the waist up. (We take seriously the innocence of children! If we missed any little thing that made you feel uncomfortable, let us know! We’re always making revisions.)

  • While the author is a Protestant, she does not condemn the modern Roman Catholic Church. She steers students to the historical struggle and religious wars between Protestant Reformers and those remaining loyal to the established Medieval Church. The author shares the positive and negative reactions of both sides of the break in Christendom with biblical insights supporting doctrinal issues that were at stake. Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant families successfully use The Mystery of History for world history—and detour where needed to support differing views that may arise.

Download Lesson Samples (from our Student Reader)

Lesson samples from Week 12 (William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible; Nicolaus Copernicus; Bartolomé de Las Casas)

Vol III, Week 12 (Student Reader)

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Download Curriculum Samples (from our Companion Guide)

Curriculum samples from Week 12 (Pretest; activities; review)

Vol III, Week 12 (Companion Guide)

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Audio Samples

Lesson 34—William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible (with music)

Lesson 34—William Tyndale: Father of the English Bible (without music)