The Mystery of History Volume III—Coloring Pages (PDF)


Students of all ages can enjoy these beautifully designed coloring pages made exclusively for The Mystery of History Volume III. Different from Volume I, which offers a collage-style page, this 28-page set has three panels per page with each panel depicting a different lesson from the week.


Coloring pages pair well with The Mystery of History Audiobook allowing students to listen and color at the same time!

  • This product is available under a single-family license (for multiple students in your family).
  • This product is also available as one of four products in the Volume III Super Supplemental Collection (PDF download), which offers classroom licensing if needed.



  • Yes! Our coloring pages fall under a family license, which allows you to print multiple copies for your household family members.

  • No. This single product falls under a family license. However, you can obtain a classroom license if you purchase the Super Supplemental Collection that is available with four products from Bright Ideas Press.

  • No. Volume I Coloring Pages are the only ones we carry in the format of a collage. Because we had different artists over different years, our other volumes follow the style of one panel per lesson, with three lessons per page. (Both formats have merit! Some would put their Memory Card information on the back side of the panels.)