The Mystery of History Volume III—Planning Pages (PDF)


These Planning Pages were designed to help families* line up our Volume III Student Reader with our Companion Guide**—in one easy-to-use 30-page planner! You can print these pages for a notebook, or use them in Adobe Reader with tools for text, sticky notes, highlighting, box checking, signing, etc. If you’re the scheduling type or not, these Planning Pages will help you “look ahead” to see and enjoy the many features of The Mystery of History.


Here’s what our Planning Pages** offer:

  • A quick overview of the week to come (one page per week)
  • Lesson titles (and page numbers) from the Student Reader—lined up with optional activities (and page numbers) from the Companion Guide 
  • Prompts for review work (using optional Memory Cards and timeline directions)
  • Lists of mapping exercises (by age group) and page numbers for student maps
  • Columns for dates (to use before or after your accomplishments)
  • Boxes to check (to mark your interest or progress)
  • Space for notes (and your own ideas)
  • Page numbers for book and film recommendations (found in our Appendix)
  • A sense of reward (with a “Date Completed” line to fill)


Download a sample


*FAMILY LICENSE. Permission to reproduce these pages is granted only to the individual immediate family that has purchased the family license. (I.e., you may print these pages for siblings in the same family or homeschool classroom containing related children.) Mass reproduction of these pages for commercial use, an entire class of non-related children, a school, or a school system is prohibited at this time. All Rights Reserved. No part of these pages can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means — graphic, electronic, or mechanical (including duplicating, photocopying, information or retrieval systems, the internet, or e-mail) without written permission from the author. Not for redistribution. For permission to reproduce this material or use it for any other purpose, please contact The Mystery of History at

**In September 2023, Bright Ideas Press released a NEW Second Edition of our Volume III Companion Guide! (Don’t be confused! The Student Reader is still in its First Edition; only the Companion Guide was updated.) The Second Edition offers you an improved format, updated activities, revised mapping exercises, new literature ideas, etc. All of this means that we have two editions of Planning Pages; by page number and more, one set lines up with the First Edition and one set lines up with the Second Edition. We’re giving you both in one download so you can choose accordingly. Not sure which edition you have?  Check the colorful cover page of the digital download. If no edition is listed, you have the First Edition. The Second Edition is clearly marked on the front cover.