Volume II Second Edition MP3 Quarter 1 (with or without music) and Quarters 2–3 without music are available!
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The Mystery of History Volume II—Audiobook (MP3)


Bring The Mystery of History Volume II to life with a word for word narration by the author. This listening library is sure to enhance your study of medieval times. Be it for bedtime, class time, lunchtime, or a road trip, you can listen and learn! Total listening time: 13 hrs 58 min

Quarters 1–3 without music of the Second Edition are available! Click the “without music” variable. Quarter 4 without music is projected to be released in early 2023 and then we will go back and add music.

Quarter 1 with music of the Second Edition is available! Once Quarter 4 without music is completed we will go back and do Quarters 2–4 with music.




While some may choose our professionally mastered audiobook as a stand alone product, we highly recommend you consider the addition of our Volume II, Second Edition Student Reader, which offers:

  • hundreds of colorful pictures (for the visual learner)
  • a digital Companion Guide (with curriculum for all ages)

Looking for CDs? They’ve been discontinued. Individual replacements CDS are available upon request, as long as supplies last.

I’m looking for the Volume II Audiobook CD sets. Do you still carry those?

No. We’re sorry, but the market has pushed us to all MP3s. With a family license, you have the right to burn CDs from the MP3s you purchased, if desired.

My child is sensitive to and/or distracted by the music. Do these come without music?

Yes and no! Our First Edition MP3s lack a “without music” option. (Blame it on a production problem years ago.) We do offer the Second Edition Quarters 1-2 MP3 without music, and will continue to offer this option with subsequent quarters as they’re ready.

We have the First Edition, and now you’re selling the Second Edition. Do you have MP3s to match?

Yes! Just click format options to the First Edition.

As an exclusive offer on your website, I received an MP3 of the first quarter for free with the purchase of the Second Edition Student Reader. Can I buy the other quarters?

Yes! Sort of. We have the First Edition MP3s in our store, but we’re still producing the Second Edition MP3s. We have Quarter 1 with music available; and  Quarters 2-3  without music. We’re working on Qtr 4. Once those tracks are available without music, we will go back and add music (it is the MOST time consuming part of the project.) We think the Second Edition is worth waiting for, but if you need to move forward, the First Edition follows the same Table of Contents.

I’m missing one of the CDs from the old set. Can I get a replacement?

While supplies last, we have some replacement CDs in our inventory. Email MOHshipping@yahoo.com for availability.