The Mystery of History Volume II—Audiobook (MP3)


Bring The Mystery of History Volume II to life with a word for word narration by the author. This listening library is sure to enhance your study of medieval times. Be it for bedtime, class time, lunchtime, or a road trip, you can listen and learn! This product now comes with a printable “Listening Guide” (in color or black & white) to help you track your progress and see upcoming lessons and dates. (Total listening time: 13 hrs 58 min)


While some may choose our professionally mastered audiobook as a stand alone product, we highly recommend you consider the addition of our Volume II, Second Edition Student Reader, which offers:

  • hundreds of colorful pictures (for the visual learner)
  • a digital Companion Guide (with curriculum for all ages)

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  • No. We’re sorry, but the market has pushed us to all MP3s. With a family license, you have the right to burn CDs from the MP3s you purchased, if desired.

  • Yes and no! Our First Edition MP3s lack a “without music” option. (Blame it on a production problem years ago.) We do offer the Second Edition without music for those that may desire.

  • Yes! Just click format options to the First Edition. The only tracks available are “with music.”

  • Yes! We have available Quarters 2-4 both “with” and “without music.”

  • While supplies last, we have some replacement CDs in our inventory. Email for availability.