Volume II Second Edition MP3 Quarter 1 (with or without music) and Quarters 2–3 without music are available!
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The Mystery of History Volume II (Second Edition)—Student Reader and Companion Guide


Volume II covers world history from the ascension of Jesus Christ (c. A.D. 33) to the invention of the printing press (1456). Where most medieval studies hover over the Dark Ages of Europe, The Mystery of History Volume II goes further to blend the history of the early church with worldwide events of the Middle Ages—on one meaningful timeline.

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This colorful hardback comes with a digital Companion Guide (through a download code inside the cover) giving you over 500 pages of curriculum with:

  • Pretests
  • Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students
  • Review work—Memory Card ideas, timeline prompts, mapping exercises, and quizzes
  • Literature lists and much more

For a limited time, the author’s discounted website price includes one FREE quarter of our Audiobook MP3 (a $12 value!) This is the word for word match to the Second Edition!


Need an ebook of Volume II? It is only available at this time for the First Edition. Just choose the eBook format.

Do I need more than one Student Reader for my family?

For convenience, large families occasionally order an extra Student Reader. But most families can share one Student Reader with ease and print multiple copies as needed from the included digital Companion Guide.

I’m going back through Volume II a second time and already own the First Edition. Is the Second Edition that much different?

Yes! The Second Edition of Volume II offers color pictures in a sturdy hardback, and a greatly improved digital Companion Guide that will make your experience easier and more rewarding. We highly recommend you take the leap and grow with our series to our latest edition. (If you own any of our Super Supplemental products, they will work with any edition!)

If I sell the hardback down the road, will the download code be reusable?

No. The download code falls under a one-time family license through the publisher, Bright Ideas Press. However, you can purchase a Companion Guide (digital or paper)—allowing a secondary book owner to have access to the popular curriculum components.

Download Lesson Samples (from our Student Reader)

Lesson samples from Week 18 (Leif Erikson Discovers America; Macbeth, King of Scotland; El Cid, a Spanish Hero)

Vol II, Week 18 (Student Reader)

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Download Curriculum Samples (from our Companion Guide)

Curriculum samples from Week 18 (Pretest; activities; review)

Vol II, Week 18 (Companion Guide)

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