Volume II Second Edition MP3 Quarter 1 (with or without music) and Quarters 2–3 without music are available!
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The Mystery of History Volume II (Second Edition)—Companion Guide


All of our hardback volumes come with a one-time download code (in the cover) for a digital Companion Guide loaded with curriculum for all ages! But, if you prefer paper pages in a binder, or the code has been used, this is the product you’re looking for.


Our Student Readers offer you accurate world history from a biblical worldview; our accompanying Companion Guides (in digital format or three-hole punched paper*) offer you medieval history curriculum for all ages that includes:

  • Pretests
  • Activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students
  • Review work (Memory Cards, timeline prompts, mapping exercises, quizzes, etc)
  • Literature lists and more

*Our paper Companion Guide is three-hole punched and not bound, thus it requires a 2-3” binder. (Binder not included.)

Is the contents of the digital Companion Guide and the paper Companion Guide the same?

Yes. These products contain the same content. We simply offer both for your convenience. Some families prefer paper pages in a binder, to easily find what they’re looking for. Others prefer the digital format for the ease of printing multiple pages of something like a Word Search. Though rare, some families purchase both for the value that each one offers.

I have just the Volume II Audiobook. Can I use this product with it, digitally or in paper?

Yes. While we feel the Student Reader is a nice visual addition, some families will work through Volume II by audiobook only. In that case, the Companion Guide will offer those families a wide assortment of curriculum to enhance their studies. In rare instances, some assignments in the Companion Guide, and mapping exercises, will be easier with a Student Reader in hand, but these can be skipped without diminishing the overall value of the Companion Guide.

I have an old paperback First Edition of Volume II. Can I use this product (digitally or in paper) to get updated curriculum?

Yes. If you’re holding onto to an old First Edition of Volume II, you can get the benefits of the author’s most recent work by purchasing the Second Edition Companion Guide, (digital or paper), which offers new and improved activities, mapping exercises, and literature suggestions.

I have several students. Do I need to buy each one a paper Companion Guide?

Most families share one Companion Guide, digital or paper, because under our single family license, you have the right to print additional pages for multiple students. Though rare, some families would rather not print anything at all and in that case will choose a paper version for every student in the family.

Download Curriculum Samples (from our Companion Guide)

Curriculum samples from Week 18 (Pretest; activities; review)

Vol II, Week 18 (Companion Guide)

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