Rand McNally’s “Historical Atlas of the World”


With 75 colorful, thematic maps, the Historical Atlas of the World will provide useful information for students of all time periods and will help them complete mapping exercises exclusive to The Mystery of History series.




Rand McNally’s “Historical Atlas of the World”

Because the names and borders of nations change with time, students need a historical atlas! Rand McNally’s Historical Atlas of the World will provide useful information for students of ancient times, Medieval times, the Renaissance, the World Wars, or recent events in the Middle East. The Historical Atlas of the World presents important periods and turning points in 5,000 years of world history through 48 pages of thematic maps.

  • Updated to include recent world events
  • Thematic maps include literacy, languages, religions, and more.
  • Includes a section on benefits of using the atlas.

This atlas will serve students for many years and through many volumes of The Mystery of History. (Author recommended!)

Need a modern atlas? Check out Rand McNally’s “World Atlas—Know Geography.


  • It’s our observation that no two atlases (paper or online) are the same! Names found in one atlas, modern or historical, can vary from the next atlas. So, we highly recommend you use Rand McNally’s “Historical Atlas” because it is the one the author used to create the mapping exercises found in our Companion Guides. Students will have a far more rewarding experience if they can readily find the information they need!  

  • Yes.  While the covers of Rand McNally’s “Historical Atlas” have changed numerous times over the last decade, the contents has remained much the same and will match our series. 


  • It depends. If students are working independently from one another, they can share one atlas with ease. But if several students commonly work alongside each other, at home or in a class, an extra atlas (or two) might be helpful. You know best!