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WonderMaps is a customizable collection of over 350 digital maps. With nearly endless possibilities, WonderMaps makes it easy to integrate map study with The Mystery of History (Volumes III-IV.) (WonderMaps is not yet compatible with Volume I, Third Edition or Volume II, Second Edition.)


Geography and map skills add richness to any lesson. Whether it’s history, literature, science, current events or Bible, maps play an integral role in thoroughly understanding the topic at hand. With WonderMaps’ made-to-order geography materials at your fingertips, there’s no more skipping map studies due to a lack of preparation time and resources! Version 1.2 requires Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (a free download) and 350 MB hard drive space to operate the amazing features of WonderMaps, which includes:

  • 125 Historical maps, including 25 biblical maps
  • 60+ Maps of the World
  • 60+ Maps of the United States
  • Outline, reference, political, and topographical maps
  • Black-and-white and color maps
  • Maps features including names, borders, rivers, cities, physical features, and graticules
  • The complete map sets from The Mystery of History Volumes III-IV, and All American History Volumes I-II. (Please know that these are PDF copies only and do not allow for the layering you get with the other WonderMaps.)
  • This product is Windows and Mac compatible, but does not work well on Ipads or Iphones.
  • No. The paper atlases will suffice to help students with The Mystery of History mapping exercises. However, this downloadable product is a great choice for map enthusiasts or for those that need or want to avoid the shipping costs of physical products.

  • No. The latest Acrobat Reader DC software is a free app that will unlock the layers and features of WonderMaps.

  • Not entirely. While some mapping exercises from our old editions are the same as the new, upgrades were made to the new editions that won’t be reflected in WonderMaps just yet. (A new version of WonderMaps is in the works, which will in time be compatible with all of our latest editions.)

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WonderMaps Sample

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