The Mystery of History Four-Volume Set


If you want accurate, easy-to-read, biblical worldview history for your home, classroom, church library, or other, look no further than The Mystery of History—Four-Volume Set, spanning ancient times to modern times for all ages. Each volume includes:



Our Chronological, Christian, Complete four-volume set spans:

  • Volume I “Creation to the Resurrection” (a. 4004 B.C. – C. A.D. 33)
  • Volume II “The Early Church and Middle Ages” (c. A.D. 33 – 1456)
  • Volume III “The Renaissance, Reformation, and Growth of Nations” (1455 – 1707)
  • Volume IV “Wars of Independence to Modern Times” (1708 – 2014)

For one discounted price, you get four hardback Student Readers, four digital Companion Guides, and four “1st Quarter” MP3 audiobooks

  • Yes! This bundle offers Volume I in it’s Third Edition, Volume II in it’s Second Edition, and Volumes III and IV in their First Edition.

  • The Mystery of History reading levels follows a natural progression where Volume I begins at 4th-5th grade and Volume IV ends at 10th-11th. However, we offer age-appropriate activities for every volume to help students of all ages manage the material on their level.

  • We offer a host of add-on products to make your teaching easier, but the most essential items (to help students with mapping exercises found in the Companion Guide) are our three atlases