Rand McNally’s “World Atlas—Know Geography”


This beautiful paperback atlas by Rand McNally offers 65 physical and political maps of our present world that span every nation and continent. This particular atlas will help students with mapping exercises found in the Companion Guides of The Mystery of History Volumes II, III, and IV.


Geography is important to the understanding of history and our modern world. Students in The Mystery of History Volumes II, III, and IV will find multiple uses for this atlas! Included are:

  • Thematic maps reviewing population, land use, climate, etc.
  • 20 pages of useful charts, graphs, and tables of world features
  • 176 colorful pages in paperback format
  • It’s our observation that no two atlases (paper or online) are the same! Names found in one atlas can vary from the next atlas. So, we highly recommend you use the Rand McNally “World Atlas—Know Geography resource because it is the one the author used to create the mapping exercises found in our Volume II, III, and IV Companion Guides. Students will have a far more rewarding experience if they can readily find the information they need!

  • Yes. We are so confident that this particular atlas is useful, and it is so popular, that we added it to three of our four “Best-Seller Bundles.” (Because Volume I covers ancient times, this modern atlas is simply not needed for that era.)

  • Yes. Our Volumes II and III will need a historical atlas for some mapping exercises, but not all. In several instances, the author moves students toward the mapping of modern boundaries to be better acquainted with our world today. We suggest both Rand McNally’s “Historical Atlas” and “World Atlas—Know Geography” for completing the mapping exercises for Volumes II, III, and IV.