Tim Dowley’s “The Student Bible Atlas”


This colorful, easy-to-read Bible atlas (by Tim Dowley) will help students of all ages unlock the mysteries of the Old Testament and the New found in The Mystery of History Volume I.


This beautifully illustrated Bible atlas, designed with students in mind, will prove useful for studying the history of ancient Mesopotamia, the Roman Empire, Paul’s missionary journeys, and much more. Written by Tim Dowley, this paperback contains 30 maps relating to Bible history from Abraham to the Early Church.

  • It’s our observation that maps located in the back of most Bibles are indeed reliable, but they commonly offer hard-to-read small fonts. In addition, the location of the maps (at the back of the Bible) require an extra hand to keep the book open and not slam shut! For these reasons, we highly recommend The Student Bible Atlas, which can easily lay flat while in use, and which offers easy-to-read fonts.

  • No. The Bible atlas will be most helpful to students in Volume I, and so this atlas is provided in our Volume I “Best-Seller Bundle.” There are just a few mapping exercises in Volume II that may require a Bible atlas but not so many that we include a Bible Atlas in our “Best-Seller Bundle” for Volume II. A Bible atlas is not necessary to complete Volumes III or IV mapping exercises.

  • It depends. If students are working independently from one another, they can share one atlas with ease. But if several students commonly work alongside each other, at home or in a class, an extra atlas (or two) might be helpful. You know best!

Tim DowleyThe Student Bible Atlas

Tim DowleyThe Student Bible Atlas

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