The Mystery of History Volume IV Video Lectures (18-month Membership)


The Mystery of History Volume IV covers world history from Johann Sebastian Bach (1708) to the global war on terror (2001–2014). With the addition of our streaming video lectures*, students can go deeper! Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History, offers eighty-four 10-25 minute lectures (one per lesson) to further each topic of Volume IV with slides, information, virtual field trips, interviews, and inspiration from a biblical worldview. (The lectures are not designed to replace the Student Reader, but to expand on it.) Professionally mastered, these videos may be enjoyed visually by the whole family, but the detail of the lectures is best suited for students 13 and up.


*Due to file size, these lectures are accessed through a streaming membership on our website and are not downloadable. Membership is 18 months to allow families some stop and start flexibility!


Where most modern history books focus heavily on the World Wars, our fourth volume additionally weaves American history into the pages of world history for proper context—on one thought-provoking timeline. Imagine the patriots of American history and their world-famous contemporaries—side by side in your studies!


Want to watch a lecture sample? Go to our Courses page here.


If you’re looking for a learning platform to go along with the lectures (for independent students), check out our Self-paced Coursefor Volume IV, which provides these streaming video lectures plus daily lesson plans, structure to meet a high school credit, automated quizzes, a grading system, and more.

  • If you need an extension on the time frame for special circumstances, just let us know.  We’re happy to work with you within reason.

  • No.  The lectures will not be helpful to students that aren’t able to read or listen to the Student Reader first.  The lectures offer a deep dive into each topic and are an extension of the material presented in the Reader.

  • They may be! But an even better choice might be our Volume IV Self-paced Course, which offers daily lesson plans and structure for students who are highly independent but need some guidance (especially if working on a high school credit.)

  • By all means, some students younger than 13 will enjoy these lectures if they are tagging along an older sibling. (The picturesque slides will draw in young viewers.) However, the depth and breadth of detail provided by the author would be lost on little ones not following an older student.  If your oldest student is younger than 13, we suggest you save these for your next trip through The Mystery of History Volume III.

  • No, not at this time.  We have prioritized lectures for Volumes III and IV because most students in those volumes are a little older and may be seeking a high school credit or working independently.  Students in our Volumes I and II are more commonly younger and thus working directly with parents or teachers for guidance, interpretation, and enrichment.