The Mystery of History

Video Lectures on Demand

with the author, Linda Lacour Hobar

You know world history is important. 

You believe God’s hand is in it.

But with so much to do, you don’t have time to study history,

and teach it the way you want.

That’s where I come in!


All ages can enjoy our videos with the author but they are geared towards students 14 and up using The Mystery of History Volume III or Volume IV for a world history high school credit. (You get the content of an online lecture without the cost and committment of an online class!)


Our videos are 10­–25 minute pre-recorded lectures that correlate with each and every lesson of The Mystery of History Volume III (Renaissance & Reformation) and Volume IV (Modern Times). Derived from online classes*, the lectures are filled with:

  • beautiful pictures and paintings (think Michelangelo);
  • fresh bullet points and outlines (think WWI memory hacks);
  • updated historical facts related to current events (think Cold War);
  • and author insights from a Biblical worldview (think apologetics).


You can access these professionally edited videos from any of your personal electronic devices—at any time in the course of one year—to supplement your world history studies.


We recommend watching a single video after reading or listening to the lesson it pertains to. The history lecture, with embedded Power Point slides and on location films by the author, are designed to build and complement the material in The Mystery of History text, but not to replace it.


Through our exclusive membership, families have two subscription options to access the videos for one year.


  1. Access one Quarter for $29
    (21 lessons)
  2. Access an entire Volume for $99
    (84 lessons)


There are many reasons why families may want more of The Mystery of History. Our videos are designed to:

  • enrich the eager student.
  • instruct the struggling student.
  • engage the visual student.
  • strengthen the Christian worldview of the growing student.

What Linda’s Students Have to Say

“I really enjoyed your class and appreciate you teaching it. You’re an amazing teacher! 🙂


“Thank you so so much for being such an amazing teacher! You changed my resolution of not liking World History. I can say with full confidence that I have gained such a new sense of appreciation and respect for it!”
Isabelle U.


“God has given you a true gift of teaching so thank YOU for such a great year. History has really come to life because of this class!”
Rebecca H.


Full-length Video Lecture Samples

Volume III (Lesson 51)

Sir Francis Bacon and the Age of Reason (1605)

Volume IV (Lesson 60)

World War II: Part 2 (Oct. 28, 1940–Dec. 7, 1941)

History is a significant subject—that we desperately need to understand!

Let the author of The Mystery of History  help you embrace it with confidence, historical accuracy, and Biblical conviction.

Access Volume III and Volume IV Today

Volume III

Video Lectures by the Quarter


  • Volume III Video Lectures
    • Quarter 1–4 Separately
  • 21 lessons each

Volume IV

Video Lectures by the Quarter


  • Volume IV Video Lectures
    • Quarter 1–4 Separately
  • 21 lessons each
*If interested in attending a Live or Self-paced online class, from which these videos are derived, please click on the link below for The Academy at Bright Ideas Press.

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