The Mystery of History Volume IV Wars of Independence to Modern Times

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Volume IV, the final volume of this award-winning series, spans three pressure-filled centuries from 1708 to 2014. While adaptable to all ages (with Younger, Middle, and Older Activities available), we highly recommend this in-depth volume for one high school credit of world history!

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The Mystery of History Volume IV

“Wars of Independence to Modern Times”

 Volume IV, the final volume of this award-winning series, spans three pressure-filled centuries from 1708 to 2014. Starting with Bach and Handel, two of the four composers included in Volume IV, the time period will see numerous revolutions and “wars of independence.” From the American colonies, the heart of Mexico, the goldmines of Australia, the mountaintops of South America, the shores of Greece, and the walls of the Alamo, we will find mankind desperately striving for liberty and freedom through the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Students will meet famous characters like Napoleon, Karl Marx, Sojourner Truth, Mussolini, Anwar Sadat, Neil Armstrong, Nelson Mandela, and many more.

While a great deal of American history will be included in this Volume (ie. the American Revolution, the War Between the States, the War in Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, etc.), it will not necessarily replace American history for those students seeking to fill a high school requirement. Can you use this volume to dovetail American history? Absolutely, but it is a world history text with a heavier emphasis on the West for the sake of most of our readers.

Though the reading level of this text is suitable for the average 9th-10th grader, this volume can serve the entire family if properly screened for younger audiences (ie. difficult topics such as the Holocaust, the Soviet Gulag system, the dropping of the atom bomb, the War on Terror, etc. should be treated with discretion for all aged students and reserved for the more mature. Lessons can be skipped when necessary!) It is recommended that students first read Volumes I-III of The Mystery of History, but it is not a prerequisite for enjoying this in-depth study of world history up to modern times.

Important Note: The Mystery of History Volume IV has been separated by the publisher into two parts for easier manageability. Part I, the Student Reader, comes as a 607-page colorful hardback containing 84 world history lessons. Part II, the Companion Guide: Curriculum and Student Activities, comes as a 600+ page download via a special code inside the book. If you enjoyed the curriculum options in Volumes I-III, you don’t want to miss the Companion Guide download. Also written by Linda Lacour Hobar, this guide helps students retain what they’re learning and contains all the good stuff that families love about The Mystery of History.

The Mystery of History Volume IV Table of Contents
The Mystery of History Volume IV Student Reader Lessons Sample
The Mystery of History Volume IV Companion Guide Sample “Week at a Glance” 

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