“What Teens and ‘Tweens Should Know About the French Revolution” Workshop


History is a great teacher. This is particularly true of the French Revolution when “good guys go bad!” Join Linda Lacour Hobar for blood-curdling, drama-filled, heart-wrenching events of the French Revolution that teens and tweens should know—and why these events matter today.

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  • Comes as an MP4 (video with slides)

If you wonder what teens and ‘tweens should know about the French Revolution, look no further! Join Linda Lacour Hobar for a time when good guys go bad!

Approximately 47 minutes

  • Our MP4 workshops are recorded in a home studio setting and professionally edited to enhance your viewing experience.
  • While all ages may enjoy this workshop, it is geared toward teens and ‘tweens because of difficult themes of conflict. The author would rate this workshop PG or PG-13 for the common use of the guillotine.

  • Yes. We don’t have restrictions on how many can view this workshop at a time, but keep in mind the bigger the screen, the lesser the quality of the slides.