The Mystery of History Medieval History—Memory Game


This Medieval History Memory Game will teach children (primarily ages 5-10) names and images of important names and places from ancient times.  Patterned after the vintage card game of Concentration, students try to find matching tiles. The one who finds the most matching tiles, wins! (Some students younger than 5 will enjoy this one because the thick tiles are easier to pick up than cards.) Easy, fun, and informative, this memory game is an author’s favorite!


From the maker of the game (The Classic Historian):

“Excellent for brain development, our games can be used as instructional lessons during the school day, or during “Game Day.” These games give the teacher/parent an easy and fun way to teach basic names and images of important people, places, and things in history. Looking for something to do during summer to review or continue learning through games?

This game teaches very basic historical facts, image recognition, and memory skills. Your child will become familiar with important historical people, monuments, maps, artifacts, and symbols. The tiles are very sturdy and beautiful. This is a fantastic game for ages 5 and older. After playing, child will be extremely interested to learn more about all the images on the tiles.”

Medieval History Memory Game has 24 matching tiles for a total of 48 tiles.

1. Castle
2. Medieval Battle
3. St. Francis
St. Peter’s Basilica
5. Charlemagne
6. Nuns
7. Crusader
8. Monastery
9. The Pope

10. Cathedral of Notre Dame
The Last Supper, by Leonardo da Vinci
12. Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci
13. Pieta, by Michelangelo

14. Bubonic plague/Black Death
15. Aztec Shaman
16. Aztec Calendar
Machu Picchu
18. Mayan Pyramid
19. Caravan in Sahara Desert
20. Chinese Compass
21. Mongolian Warrior
22. Viking Warrior