“Lessons of King Arthur and His Court” by Jacob Noonan—A Study Guide to Legends of King Arthur and His Court


This 96-page paperback book is the study guide to Legends of King Arthur and His Court, revised by Shelley Noonan. Designed for ages 9-14, this paperback is a ten-week, easy-to-follow study guide that transports students into the rich and exciting adventures of King Arthur! (Answer Key provided.) Read more below.






Each chapter includes:

  • 8-10 Vocabulary words
  • Study Questions
  • Research ideas
  • Notebooking tips
  • Writing assignments
  • Drawing prompts
  • Answer Key

If you only need one study guide to go with the book (Legends of King Arthur and His Court), we suggest you purchase it as part of our King Arthur Bundle—and save 15%!