Constitution—Go Fish Game


Make learning fun! Students 5 years and up can enjoy this classic game of “Go Fish” which incorporates vivid imagery with the knowledge of the U.S. Constitution. Students a little older can additionally use these cards for guessing games, chronology drills, and geography skills. (Game ideas and answer key provided.)


From the maker of the card game (The Classical Historian):

Playing with our “Go Fish Games” makes learning the Constitution MORE fun! Playing our games helps create a positive learning environment, teaches facts Americans need to know, and teaches Civics. The Constitution Go Fish Game is a perfect way to begin or end class or to add to a long car ride. Students and families love this game and will know the Constitution, especially if used with our booklet explanations.

There are Two Versions of Play in each Go Fish Game:
A. Go Fish
B. Collect the Cards

In Go Fish, players try to get “four of a kind” by finding all four cards in one category. In playing this game, players learn association and chronology. Players try to collect all four-of-a-kind cards from the following categories. The player who captures most sets wins.
In Collect the Cards, students learn Constitutional concepts and try to guess the card based on hints. Whoever guesses the most cards right wins the game.

The booklet  provides the teacher with a wide variety of games to teach the U.S. Constitution to kids in a one-on-one setting, in a family with kids of different ages, or in classrooms with 40 students. It also includes explanations for all 48 Constitution Go Fish Games. The more students play the game and read the booklet, the more they understand the Constitution.

The following are the categories for the Constitution Go Fish Game:
1. Separation of Branches
2. Limited Government
3. Checks and Balances
4. The Amendments
5. The Legislative Branch
6. The Executive Branch
7. The Judicial Branch
8. Judicial Review
9. The Bill of Rights
10. The Founding Fathers
11. The Constitutional Convention
12. The Preamble

  • No. Non-readers can use this card game by identifying pictures, colors, and numbers.

  • No. These card sets come with a booklet full of directions and ideas for games.

  • Yes. These cards are not limited to family licensure and may be a fun addition to any co-op or classroom.