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American History—Go Fish Game


Make learning fun! Students 5 years and up can enjoy this classic game of “Go Fish” that incorporates vivid imagery with the knowledge of American history. Students a little older can additionally use these cards for guessing games, chronology drills, and geography skills. (Game ideas and answer key provided.)


This one deck of 50 cards (with a game booklet and an answer key) offers four games in one and additionally teaches:

  • Basic historical facts
  • Chronology
  • Geography
  • Association
  • Social Skills required to follow the rules of the games
  • No. Non-readers can use this card game by identifying pictures, colors, and numbers.

  • No. These card sets come with a booklet full of directions and ideas for games.

  • Yes. These cards are not limited to family licensure and may be a fun addition to any co-op or classroom.