Hi friends. The rage of blogging exploded into existence when I was about half way through my mission of writing four volumes of world history. For obvious reasons, I was not the least bit drawn toward writing any more in a day than I had to! I had the weight of the world on my shoulders to finish my series and was highly protective of anything that stood in the path of that mission. That included blogging. So, I’ve carried around an “anti-blog” mentality for several years.

Well, life has a way of changing. I finished my four-volume series of world history at the tail end of 2014….and so…..my “anti-blog” attitude is shifting. In 2015, I’m suddenly in need of a place to write, a place to meander with my thoughts, and a place to express my deep felt passion for life.

With an empty slate before me, I’m not exactly sure what will spill out of me in the weeks and months to come. But I hope it will be edifying to your spirit, encouraging to your soul, and practical to your life. Once in awhile, I’ll try to be funny because we need to laugh at ourselves (and I do a lot of stupid funny things!) But I’m much more likely to bring you to tears because I am one big sap. I had to be sappy to write a four-volume narrative about the history of the world! God knew that, and by His grace He led me through many ups and downs over fourteen years of writing The Mystery of History. I imagine I’ll be sharing more about that particular journey in the future to point toward the tender mercies of God that I have learned and relearned to rely upon. Besides that, after all the world history I’ve sunk my teeth into, I believe I am in need of the self-therapy that comes with keeping a blog.  🙂 So, welcome to my “I never wanted to blog – but I need to blog” blog.

For the Sake of the Mystery,

Linda Lacour Hobar