The Mystery of History Volume IV—Folderbooks (PDF)


Designed by Bright Ideas Press, a Folderbook (also known as a Lapbook™) is a visually appealing cardstock keepsake that students can cut, fold, color, and assemble for each quarter of The Mystery of History, Volume IV.


Folderbooks offer a printable visual, hands-on project for students to show what they’ve learned. They provide a meaningful and creative way to help visual and kinesthetic learners grasp concepts, document information, and remember previous material. We suggest students build the Folderbook base at the start of each quarter (using file folders, glue, and clear packing tape) and add to it as they go. Directions for assembly are included.

  • This product is available under a single-family license (for multiple students in your family).
  • This product is also available as one of four products in the Volume IV Super Supplemental Collection (PDF download), which offers classroom licensing if needed.



  • No. Our Folderbooks fall under a single-family license allowing you to print multiple Folderbook pieces for the family members of your household.

  • While not all children will enjoy the process of cutting, building, and assembling a Folderbook, they are not a hard project for the average student and come with ample directions and video to help.

  • No. This single product falls under a family license. However, you can obtain a classroom license if you purchase the Super Supplemental Collection that is available with four products from Bright Ideas Press.

Volume IV—Folderbook Sample

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