The Mystery of History Volume II—Challenge Cards (PDF)


Designed by Bright Ideas Press, “Challenge Cards” are two-sided printable question-and-answer flashcards—capturing the most important elements in The Mystery of History Volume II.


Capitalizing on the amazing ability of students to memorize large quantities of information, Challenge Cards offer over 300 questions and a dozen game ideas for usage. Highlighting the questions “who, what, when, where, and how” most answers are given in one complete sentence with proper context. Challenge Cards can be used in combination with the author’s suggested “Memory Cards” (homemade flashcards) or replace them.



  • It’s possible that all ages can enjoy these cards (even Younger Students). But they are best suited for Middle and Older Students. (As the name implies, they can be “challenging!”)

  • Yes. If you’re on a computer that only prints one side at a time, you can re-insert pages in your printer to print the back sides of the cards. Directions are included to make this step easier. (You may want to practice on scratch paper first to get the proper orientation.)

  • No. This single product falls under a family license. However, you can obtain a classroom license if you purchase the Super Supplemental Collection that is available with four products from Bright Ideas Press.

Volume II—Challenge Card Sample

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