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“A Crash Course from Creation to Christ” Workshop


Planning to teach ancient history? Need help integrating the Bible? Listen to Linda Lacour Hobar as she takes you from Creation to the birth of Christ in about one hour – shaping Biblical and secular history into one amazing timeline with portraits of King Tut, King David, Nebuchadnezzar, Buddha, Cleopatra, and more.

  • Comes as an MP3 (audio only)

Like pieces of a mosaic, learn of the major events in ancient history that together portray the beautiful story of Christ revealing Himself to mankind.

Approximately 50 minutes

  • Our MP3 workshops are recorded live at homeschool conventions and may include ambient sounds common to a live event, as well as live Q&A.

What ages is this workshop for?

While Younger Students may not appreciate all the details of this workshop, all ages can enjoy this presentation. This workshop is G-rated and family-friendly.