Hi friends. Here’s what is going on in my world. I consider it a combination of good news and bad news. (The bad first.)

Bad news – After 15 years, my skin cancer is back.
Good news – It is only basal cell carcinoma, which is very common, treatable, and not fatal.

Bad news – By location, the surgery (called a Mohs procedure) could disfigure my nose (depending on how wide and deep the cancer is lurking.)
Good news – There are plastic surgeons for that.

Bad news – I’m afraid of pain.
Good news – There are drugs for that.

Bad news – I’m vain.
Good news – Who isn’t?

Bad news – It’s my face!
Good news – It’s nearly Halloween. I can wear a mask if I want to. (Think pretty version of the Phantom of the Opera mask!)

Bad news – This will interfere with teaching The Mystery of History online class.
Good news – I can pre-record a couple of classes before surgery and do a voice over for a couple more.

Bad news – I’m scared and nervous!
Good news – I’ve got the Prince of Peace with me always, and amazing friends and family.

I think that sums it up. My procedure is October 17, one week from today. Good or bad, I’ll post the results. Good would mean the procedure went well and was minimally invasive. 🙂 Bad means I’ll be having some reconstructive surgery. 🙁 I appreciate your support and prayers for step one. Thank you!


For the Sake of the Mystery,
Linda Lacour Hobar

Post SurgeryUpdate:

The procedure was fairly extensive! They left a good sized hole in the side of my nose. But thanks to plastic surgery, the disfigurement was “fixable.” With 30+ stitches, I was pieced back together and most people would never notice I had surgery. The hardest part of recovery was finding it painful to smile!  I like smiling. . . 🙂