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2012 Reader's Choice About.comThe Mystery of History received third place for high school history curriculum in 2022 with The Back to Homeschool Awards, and ranked highly in 2021. is the one place where homeschoolers nominate and vote on their favorites and it’s a great place to find the most popular homeschool curriculum!

Cathy Duffy’s Review

Cathy Duffy 100 Top PicksCathy Duffy named The Mystery of History a “100 Top Picks Winner!”  Cathy is well known as a curriculum specialist. She researches curriculum and methodologies for all subjects and grade levels. Her latest book narrows her recommendation down to the “100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum”. You can read Cathy Duffy’s review of The Mystery of History in her new book.

Read her online review here: Cathy Duffy Reviews

Teach Them Diligently—Homeschool Family Favorites

The Mystery of History won again! We’ve ranked in the top three as a Homeschool Family Favorite in 2022, 2020, and 209. Thank you Teach Them Diligently!

 Mary Pride and Practical Homeschooling

The Mystery of History Volume I won first place with “Practical Homeschooling” in 2009 and tied for first place in 2008!

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The Old Schoolhouse EE Award

2008OldSchoolhouseThe Mystery of History won the 1st Place “Excellence in Education Award” in 2019 and 2013 from The Old Schoolhouse and placed 3rd in 2008. The survey was designed for individual respondents to enter the name of their curriculum or product of choice for each category—-they were not given a set of choices from which to choose. Thus, The Mystery of History ranks high among the thousands of subscribers to “The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.” Reader’s Choice

2012 Reader's Choice About.comThe Mystery of History was part of the Best Homeschool History Resource Contest and voted Reader’s Choice 2012 by readers.

Homeschool Resource Award

Over the last month, staff have researched different homeschooling products, curriculum, websites, and fun books, to come up with’s Top Back to Homeschool Resources. The Mystery of History provides “Chronological, Christian, Complete” world history for students of all ages. This engaging series offers hands-on activities along with timelines, maps, literature suggestions, quizzes, and much more. The curriculum helps you/your student discover “His-Story.”  Read More Online

Independent Reviews

Eclectic Homeschool Association

I’ve enthused about The Mystery of History for years now. Before we stumbled on this gem of a curriculum, we’d been using another curriculum very popular with Christian Classical educators, combined with lots of literature. I’d had to buy a Bible supplement for the Ancient history volume, and I was a little overwhelmed by all the projects in the project book. (No, you don’t have to do them, but if they’re there, staring you in the face…)
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Virginia Jones

Eclectic Homeschool Association

Joy in Our Journey

Our family has been learning chronological, worldwide history with a biblical worldview for the last six years using a fabulous curriculum called The Mystery of History.

If you were able to study world history back in your school days, especially if you learned world history in relation to the Bible, then you were very blessed!

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Homeschool Mom & Blogger, Joy in Our Journey

 Trivium Pursuit

I wish The Mystery Of History had been written fifteen or twenty years earlier so that my own family could have used it. It would have been perfect for our large, young family and would have relieved me of the job of putting together my own history curriculum, and it is so much more thorough than anything we ever studied in our years of homeschooling.

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Laurie Bluedorn

Trivium Pursuit

 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

If you are a family that is interested in studying history in an in-depth, Bible-centered, chronological fashion, let me recommend to you The Mystery of History, published by Bright Ideas Press. This 472-page volume is packed with information, projects, and suggestions to make history a favorite part of your family’s school day.

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Diane Wheeler

Senior Contributing Writer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

This time, Linda Hobar and Bright Ideas Press had twins! The Mystery of History Volume II is twice the size of the first volume, but every bit as wonderful. In fact, it is even better. The Mystery of History Volume II has 84 lessons, versus Volume I’s 108, but the lessons are longer and written at a slightly higher grade level. Each lesson has vocabulary words in bold letters so you can pick them out easily.

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Dawn King

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

 The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

The Mystery of History, Volume III, is a gorgeous edition to the Mystery of History family. A full-color, glossy hardback with 439 pages, this is a whole different style of book than the previous volumes. Due to the reproduction restrictions for certain Renaissance artwork, the publishers decided to change the style rather than leave out the important pieces. While this increased the price of the book, I think it was worth it. There is nothing like seeing Renaissance art in all its vivid beauty.

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Kate Kessler

Product Reviews Manager, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

If you are looking for a new history curriculum for your family to use, I highly recommend The Mystery of History by Linda Hobar.

The Mystery of History is a study of world history split into three volumes, with a fourth volume currently in progress. Each volume includes coursework for one school year. The author aptly describes her work as “A Classical, Chronological, Complete Christian World History for All Ages.”

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Sarah Shaw

Dallas Homeschooling Examiner,

What do students say?

My name is Sarah. I’m homeschooled and in the fifth grade. I did The Mystery of History Volume I and I enjoyed it. I wanted to do more every day. My favorite part was “What Did You Miss?” My favorite lesson was Jesus, The Mystery of History. Thank you for writing this book.

5th Grade, Manchester, CT

Your The Mystery of History books are really big and thick, and I like that A LOT! I really like what you write in them. My favorite quiz is the Millionaire Multiple Choice game. I wish all of the quizzes were Millionaire Multiple Choice.

Age 9

I wanted to thank you for your book, The Mystery of History. I just finished Quarter 1 of Volume I. That doesn’t seem very far, I know, but after many years of not being satisfied with the books I had, this is great! I love your straight-to-the-point yet down-to-earth method. I think it is amazing to see how if a nation doesn’t honor God, it will not stand! (Maybe it was the cause of the Egyptians’ fall in Lesson 24.) I enjoy your book immensely, and I am looking forward to the rest of the book.

Age 15

I love The Mystery of History. My favorite activity is eating Ezekiel’s scroll.

Age 7

I am 12 years old and in the 7th grade. Today my sister and I started The Mystery of History. It is very interesting. We also made a timeline. God bless!

Age 12

I am in 8th grade and I love your history book. In the past I would dread doing history, but you make history exciting! Now history is my favorite subject.

Grade 8, Austin, TX

What do parents say?

It’s very hard to find a ‘one-size-fits-all’ curriculum, however I think that Linda Hobar has done a GREAT job of crossing several boundaries while also making the text very enjoyable and enticing to the children! From the reading, mapping, timelines, projects, puzzles, tests (used either written or oral), she’s covered the gamut of every learning style out there!. . . To me, top priority is weaving history throughout God’s Word, which Linda has skillfully done. Seeing the parallels of how history is told in light of the Bible which set the path for it. I was actually pleased to find how much Linda focused on the Eastern Hemisphere with her interspersed lessons on the Chinese and Indian cultures–most tend to focus on the Middle East and Europe. Linda, has met a calling regarding creating this curriculum! Many have been blessed by it . . . It has nurtured a love of learning history among children (and moms!).
Amy Pak

I appreciate the worshipful attitude that Linda displays in her telling of history…Her excitement for His works is contagious…. my daughter, who is admittedly an advanced reader, was known to read The Mystery of History for leisure when she was only 4 years old.
Vicki Boshka

You have thought through this text, provided multilevel activities, and, I feel, you have poured yourself into each lesson. Thank you for bearing witness to His story.
Susan Coleman

Muncie, IN

I am in 8th grade and I love your history book. In the past I would dread doing history, but you make history exciting! Now history is my favorite subject.

Grade 8, Austin, TX

As a Jewish believer in Yeshua, I am delighted to see Jewish history included past 70 CE. We loosely follow a classical model in our homeschool. Often, when I use resources from various wonderful companies, I am disappointed to see how Jewish History is handled, if at all. I want to publicly thank Linda Hobar for her sensitivity to Jewish readers and for including significant milestones in Jewish history. The Mystery of History includes a respect for Jewish traditions birthed from events such as the Passover. The lesson on the Maccabean revolt and Chanukah is something not even found in other curricula. The Bar Kochba revolt, written about in Lesson 10 of Volume 2, is important in understanding Jewish and Messianic Jewish relations today. Many Jewish children do not even know about this history. Our children will and, for that, I am grateful. Thank you, Mrs. Hobar for your wonderful curriculum.


When I was looking for a World History program I wanted something that was Bible-centered, multi-level, with hands-on activity AND would cover what was going on in History in other parts of the world through a ‘Bible time-line’.  WHAT A JOY when I found The Mystery of History.  It was an answer to prayer. . . when we actually started using it just about DAILY my son would say,’Thank you so much for buying The Mystery of History, Mom, I Love doing The Mystery of History’.
Jennifer Evalle


Thanks for such a wonderful history book, Linda. My prayers have been and will be with you as you continue work on volume 3. We are taking a break from MOH for awhile (letting the younger boys catch up in maturity a bit, so we can include them) but I am so grateful for the fabulous start in world history that dd and I received through this amazing book.

I love The Mystery of History. I can’t find ANYTHING as good as this program. If you want a history curriculum that requires very little parent/teacher prep; allows you to make the lessons as in depth or as simple as you want them; the flexibility to use with different age levels; awesome activities; lessons that really get your children excited about history; and ALL FROM A CHRISTIAN PERSPECTIVE, this is the history curriculum for you. In my opinion it is one of the top history programs out there. I can’t find any better for a comparable price. God has really blessed my family, and in my opinion all Christian homeschoolers with this book. If you don’t have it, get it.

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