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The Mystery of History!

Linda Lacour Hobar, Author of The Mystery of History

Dear Reader,

With our world swirling in all directions these days, it’s important to remain anchored first to the Lord and second to communities of kindred minds and hearts. That’s what we have here at The Mystery of History—a group that mutually values faith, family, freedom, and world history from a biblical worldview!

If you would like to deepen YOUR connection to this community, I invite you to subscribe to my personal newsletter and blog. I will not bombard you with advertising, but I will reach out to you a couple of times a month with product updates and coupons, history helps, homeschool hacks, personal stories, and more.

Social media and email lists were never designed to replace relationships—but they sure help us connect all over the world! I don’t have all the answers to history, but I serve the One who does. Please join me!

For the Sake of the Mystery,

Linda Lacour Hobar, Author of The Mystery of History

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