The Mystery of History Volume IV—Quarter 1 (MP3 with music)

Bring The Mystery of History Volume IV to life! Through these downloadable MP3 files* (sold by the quarter), you can listen to the professionally recorded stories, with beautiful background music, through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar.

*Due to changes in the market, our Volume IV CD sets have been discontinued.

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$ 13.00

The Mystery of History Volume IV—Quarter 1

MP3 Download (with music)

The Mystery of History Audiobook for Volume IV, with beautiful, thematic music, is here! For convenience, you can purchase this downloadable MP3 product one quarter at a time. In the car, over lunch, before bed, or as an integral part of your school day – there are endless ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history. Try our samples below!

For sensitive ears, tracks without music are available.

Listen to samples below!

  1. Lesson 2 The Thirteen Colonies of North America 1732
  2. Lesson 11 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1781
  3. Lesson 13 - The Rise of Napoleon 1799



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