The Mystery of History Volume IV—Audiobook (CD Set)


Bring The Mystery of History Volume IV to life! Through this 24-disc CD set (or downloadable MP3 files), you can listen to the professionally recorded stories through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. This final audio set matches and completes The Mystery of History Audiobook series.

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The Mystery of History Volume IV

Audiobook (CD Set)

Since The Mystery of History, Volume IV was first published in 2014, students of all ages have enjoyed “Wars of Independence to Modern Time” spanning three centuries of incredibly valuable history from 1708 to 2014. Now, you can listen to these timeless stories on CD—through the voice of the author. With text in hand, you can read along with Linda Hobar as if she is sitting right next to you. Without the text, you can sit back and listen to the stories set to theatrical background music (with occasional sound effects!) Imagine, with hands-free from the textbook, students can color while they listen or take notes for further discussion. In co-op or Sunday school, in the car or at bedtime—there are numerous ways for all ages to benefit from this listening library of world history.

Total listening time: 27 hours; 11 minutes; 30 seconds.

Prefer a download?

This audiobook is also available as downloadable MP3 files sold by the quarter (with or without music.)

Listen to samples of these lessons:

  1. “Lesson 2 The Thirteen Colonies of North America 1732” with music — by Linda Lacour Hobar
  2. “Lesson 11 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 1781” with music — by Linda Lacour Hobar
  3. “Lesson 13 The Rise of Napoleon 1799” with music — by Linda Lacour Hobar


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