History Through the Ages—Timeline Figures “To Accompany The Mystery of History Volume IV (Cardstock)

Amy Pak, gifted artist and owner of “Homeschool in the Woods”, has hand drawn over a hundred historical figures to match each and every lesson* of The Mystery of History Volume IV.**

*If you have previously purchased History Through the Ages “Collection of Historical Timeline Figures” CD-Rom set, contact Amy Pak to purchase additional figures she created to correlate with Volume IV. (Visit: Homeschool in the Woods here.) 

**Important note: Please know that the dates of History Through the Ages figures and The Mystery of History figures are not an exact match due to different choices of source material or the use of life spans versus life events. We recommend that students follow the dates found in The Mystery of History to build a timeline compatible with our series.

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History Through the Ages—Timeline Figures

"To Accompany The Mystery of History Volume IV" (Cardstock)

These beautiful timeline figures can be added to walls, notebooks*,  lap books, or merged with Memory Cards. However you use them, these figures can be a great asset to your studies. As in all our volumes, the Companion Guide provides directions for making your own timeline figures. But, many of you will prefer the ease and beauty of this product.

*At approximately 2″x4″, these cardstock timeline figures are designed for a wall. If you choose to use these figures with Homeschool in the Woods “Record of Time Notebook,” you will want to reduce these figures by 70% per the directions provided. Or, you may opt to purchase these figures in a digital format to give you both wall size and notebook sized figures ready to go. See A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures on CD.



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