Famous Figures of the Middle Ages & Renaissance


Movable Paper Figures (Ages 6-12)

Use these colorful articulated paper figures (with brads*) to assemble 21 famous characters of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. To round out your world history studies, every single figure is included in The Mystery of History Volumes II and III! You can build and move swords, armor, paintbrushes, and telescopes of figures like Justinian and Theodora, Marco Polo, Joan of Arc, Michelangelo, Galileo, and more.

*Brads not included. For best results, we suggest the purchase of mini-brads and a tiny hole punch from the creator of this beautiful series, Cathy Diez-Lucky of Figures in Motion.

Click Here to download a sample.

Click Here to download a sample.

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Famous Figures of the Middle Ages & Renaissance

Movable Paper Figures (Ages 6-12)

Kings & Queens! Explorers! Artists! Now you can make real moving figures of 21 world-changing individuals from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance like Leif Erikson, William the Conqueror, Genghis Khan, Francis of Assisi, Shakespeare, and more. Standing at 10-13”, artist/designer Cathy Diez-Luckie created each cardstock figure true to authentic costumes, mosaics, paintings, and statutes.  Students can use these figures over and over to act out historical events or create their own stories about the Byzantine Empire, the East meeting the West, and the invention of the printing press. Brief biographical notes on each famous person are included in the book. (Figures come in ready-to-cut colorful cardstock, as well as in blank form for those interested in coloring their own characters.)

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Famous Figures of the Middle Ages & Renaissance all figures

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