The Mystery of History Volume III—Companion Guide (Downloadable PDF)

The Mystery of History Volume III comes with a one-time download code (in the cover) for this digital Companion Guide (loaded with curriculum for all ages!)  But, if the code was used by the original owner and is no longer valid, this is the replacement product you’re looking for. Our Companion Guide offers: pretests; activities for Younger, Middle, and Older Students; quizzes and games; timeline directions; mapping exercises for varying ages; suggested literature; and more.

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The Mystery of History Volume III

Companion Guide (Downloadable PDF)

The Mystery of History Volume III Student Reader comes WITH a one-time unique download code (inside the cover)—offering the original owner of the book a downloadable PDF of the Companion Guide - chock full of curriculum for all ages. (You get pretests, activities, timeline directions, mapping exercises, literature lists, and more.)

But, in the event you inherited a copy of the book, or bought it second hand, chances are the code has been used and is no longer valid. In that case, THIS downloadable Companion Guide is what you're looking for to complement the textbook!

These products are Windows and Mac compatible.

Volume III Companion Guide Table of Contents
Volume III Companion Guide Week Sample



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