The Mystery of History Volume I (Third Edition)

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Our new edition offers the same award-winning content as the Second Edition. However, it’s now in color—and a hardback!

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The Mystery of History Volume I (Third Edition)

“Creation to the Resurrection” by Linda Lacour Hobar

Our new edition offers three major improvements:

  • For durability, the book is now a hardback—matching the popular layout of The Mystery of History Volumes III and IV.
  • For interest, we added more than 400 beautiful color images and dozens of colorful maps—handpicked by the author to be edifying and historically accurate. (Hundreds of fact-filled captions are included!)
  • For convenience, the book contains a download code to access a 500+ page digital Companion Guide containing pretests; activities for younger, middle, and older students; timeline directions; mapping exercises; quizzes; literature suggestions; and much more—allowing you to customize this course to suit your needs. (A printed version of the Companion Guide will soon be released as a separate purchase for those who would prefer it.)


  • Will the Third Edition still work for “all ages?” Yes! Students as young as 1st grade can enjoy the stories of ancient times even more—with the addition of 400+ color images and maps in the text and updated hands-on activities (with photos). Middle students can glean even more from the Companion Guide—with enhanced activities, new photos, and improved mapping exercises. Older students can continue to adapt the program to meet a high school credit through stimulating activities and literature suggestions on a high school level.
  • Will the Second Edition Audiobook match the Third Edition? Yes and no. With the new edition, the author had the opportunity to rewrite several words, sentences, and paragraphs. However, the author did NOT rewrite entire lessons or change the chronological order of them. So, the two editions are a close match.
  • If I sell the hardback down the road, will the download code be reusable? No. The download code falls under a one-time family license through the publisher, Bright Ideas Press. However, a replacement code can be purchased at a reasonable price, allowing a secondary book owner to have access to the popular curriculum components.
  • Will the Second Edition black and white paperback remain available? No. Once the Second Edition sells out, it will be discontinued and—by popular demand—replaced by the colorful, hardback Third Edition with a digital code for the Companion Guide.
  • Will the “introductory pre-sale price” increase? Yes. Once the books are available, we will adjust our prices according to the market.

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