Pachycephalosaur Craft Pack

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Dinosaur Project Pack (Ages 10 and Up)

This CD-ROM includes PDF files of background information, instructions, and resources for students to create five dinosaur-related projects, all impressive enough to display when completed!

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Pachycephalosaur Craft Pack

Dinosaur Project Pack (Ages 10 and Up)

Enrichment4You has created the most beautiful hands-on Dinosaur Project Packs that we have ever seen. For students 4th grade and up, these packs are uniquely designed to support a biblical worldview of Creation. Each of the Dinosaur CD-Roms (Ornithischian or Pachycephalosaur) gives you detailed instructions and materials lists to complete 5 “museum quality” displays. These are perfect for enriching your everyday home education or for gaining significant oohs and ahs at art fairs, science fairs, co-ops, and more. In the right combination, and given proper attention, these projects are challenging enough to count toward a high school half credit in art.

System Requirements:
WINDOWS:  Minimum MS Windows 95 or greater, 16 MB RAM, 16 MB hard disk space.  In order to view some of the video on this CD-ROM, 70 MB hard disk space may be needed for temporary system files.  Macs must have a PC emulator to use this CD-ROM.  Some PC emulators require Macs with Intel CPU.  Macs must have a Windows Operating System installed plus Boot Camp (which is part of the newest Mac Operating System) or Parallels for Macs.  Mac users can access the PDF files stored in folders on the CD-ROM.

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