The Mystery of History Volume I (3rd ed.)—Quarter 2 (MP3 with music)

If you own the color hardback of The Mystery of History Volume I (Third Edition), this is the word for word audio file of Quarter 2 that matches!  With music, these downloadable MP3 files will help you travel to ancient times through the voice of the author, Linda Lacour Hobar. (Tracks without music are also available.)

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The Mystery of History Volume I (Third Edition)—Quarter 2

MP3 Download (with music)

Bring The Mystery of History to life! This is a word for word narration of The Mystery of History Volume I (Third Edition*)—Quarter 2**. While some may choose to only listen to the audio files, we highly recommend you consider the addition of the colorful hardback text—which offers hundreds of pictures (for the visual learner) and a digital 500+ page Companion Guide of curriculum (for all ages!)

With or without the textbook, this listening library is sure to enhance your study of ancient times. Be it bedtime, class time, lunch time, or a road trip, you can listen and learn!

*If you're looking for an audiobook to match our First or Second Edition, please visit our Scratch & Dent/Discontinued Store.

**Quarters 1-3 are available now and Quarter 4 is in the works.


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