The Mystery of History—Four-Volume Set


If you want accurate, easy-to-read, biblical worldview history for your home, classroom, church library, group facility, etc., look no further than The Mystery of History—Four-Volume Set. This award-winning series, written by Linda Lacour Hobar, offers world history for all ages in four colorful hardbacks spanning ancient times to modern.  Each volume includes a download code for our Companion Guide—a curriculum resource about 500 pages long with pretests, hands-on activities, timeline directions, mapping exercises, quizzes, literature suggestions, and much more. In this exclusive offer from the author, you’ll also receive an MP3 audiobook (narrated by Linda) of the first quarter of each volume!

A la carte sale price: $259.80

Discounted Four-Volume Set price: $229.80

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$ 229.80

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