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The Mystery of History, Volume I (Second Edition), spans “Creation to the Resurrection” (c. 4004 b.c.–c. a.d. 33) and provides a historically accurate, Bible-based approach to learning ancient world history. By incorporating hands-on activities along with reading, writing, and research projects, The Mystery of History offers something for all learning styles and supports all methods of education.

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The Mystery of History Volume I (Second Edition)

FYI - This is the Second Edition and in the original black/white paperback format with the Companion Guide material contained within. If you're interested in a colorful, hardback Third Edition, this is not the product you're looking for! This version is a good choice for Younger Students or those not ready for a larger financial investment in the Third Edition.

Through 108 lessons, Volume I spans ancient times from Creation to the resurrection of Jesus Christ by uniquely weaving Bible history and world history into one intriguing narrative. Students will learn of world famous figures like Nefertiti, Confucius, Socrates, and Julius Caesar in chronological order with significant Bible characters such as Ruth, Daniel, Nehemiah, and John the Baptist. Imagine, one timeline bringing Bible history and world history to life! Also contained in this 636-page black and white paperback are optional components for all ages with pre-tests, activities, timeline directions, mapping work, quizzes, games, literature suggestions, and answer keys. Though the reading level of this volume is suitable for the average 3rd - 4th grader, this resource can be modified for all ages and serve the entire family in one or two school years. (A bible atlas and historical atlas are needed to complete the mapping exercises. See our recommendations listed below.)

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