Volume II Second Edition MP3 Quarter 1 (with or without music) and Quarters 2–3 without music are available!
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The Mystery of History Overview

Join the author of The Mystery of History in this short video for an inspiring overview of our four beautiful volumes that span ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and modern history. Since most of our customers shop “by the time period,” you may want to listen in to what each volume holds by way of content. (Or take the lead from other customers and consider one of our "Best-Seller Bundles" to get started with the most popular products for each volume.)

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Volume III—Planning Pages (PDF)

product image for The Mystery of History Volume III Planning Pages

Volume IV—Planning Pages (PDF)

product image for The Mystery of History Volume IV Planning Pages

Volume I (Third Edition)—Companion Guide

Volume I Companion Guide

Volume II (Second Edition)—Companion Guide

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Volume III—Companion Guide

product image for The Mystery of History Volume III Companion Guide

Volume IV—Companion Guide

Volume I—Audiobook (MP3)

Volume I Audiobook

Volume II—Audiobook (MP3)

Volume 2 Audiobook

Volume III—Audiobook


Volume IV—Audiobook (MP3)

Volume 4 Audiobook

Need help with world history? Check out our online courses!

You know world history is important—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to teach! Let the author of The Mystery of History help with the Renaissance and modern history. We offer:
Video Lectures-on-Demand (for about 6th grade and up)
Inspiration from a biblical worldview
Self-paced courses (to meet criteria for a high school credit)
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Linda Lacour Hobar author of The Mystory of History online courses

Lectures from the author

Hundreds of slides

Over 25 hours of material

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