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Want to stretch your budget?

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Consider purchasing one or more of our SCRATCH and DENT world history products at 30-40% off of retail prices!

(Products will come and go as available.)

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(American and Modern)

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The Details

What’s wrong with these products?

In content, nothing! These award-winning items have only cosmetic damage, wear and tear from convention season, or were modified to serve as sample items. To maintain our integrity, we would not sell these materials as “new” products – but we feel they are of great value to families looking to save money!

Our hope is to find each and every one of our Scratch and Dent products a loving home! These products move fast, so scroll and shop now – while supplies last! Since we are taking “less” for all of these items, and passing that savings onto you, these products are non-refundable*. (Shipping costs will be added at check out.)

*If you receive a damaged CD from our Scratch and Dent Store, which we did not detect in our inspection, we will replace it at no cost to you! You can request replacement CDs through Sharla at MOHShipping {at}

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