How “The Mystery of History” Brought Our Family Closer to God (by Laurie Shaw)

by | Nov 3, 2018


Do your kids constantly ask you what role the Bible plays in history? My kids have asked me questions like, “When did David slay the giant?” “Why did the king crucify Jesus?” and, “Why didn’t anyone stop him?” These are just a few questions my kids have had over the last couple of years. My problem was that I really didn’t have all the answers they were looking for. I grew up attending public school where Bible history was not taught. I didn’t know how the Bible interweaved with history. I didn’t know who the main characters were when David was little or when he became king. I just didn’t learn any of that. So, I was excited to learn about The Mystery of History – a world history curriculum for all ages, written from a Biblical worldview.

The Mystery of History Volume I through IV - A Christian World History Curriculum

I decided last year was the right time to add The Mystery of History to our schooling. My boys were in elementary school and loved the Bible. We started with Volume I, which covers ancient times. I read each lesson to my kids and would then dialog about what we read. I tried to get my kids to think critically and envision what it was like to be alive throughout the first 4,000 years of the world. I would ask them questions like, “What do you think it would be like to live in the desert for 40 years with little food and water?” Or, “What was it like to be a worker building cities or the pyramids?” My goal was to really get my kids to think about what life was like back then. Who were the rulers and what type of rulers were they? Did they treat people with respect? Did people look up to the rulers?

We fell in love with The Mystery of History because it took a comprehensive dive into world history. It was engaging and exciting. It was always fun to open our book and see who we were going to learn about that day. It was to us like a family game. As a family, we spent nine months going through The Mystery of History Volume I and learning biblical facts along with historical events. We together learned the answers to the questions my kids asked. (We even answered some of my own questions about history.)

In the nine months we studied The Mystery of History, we were able to grow together as a family. We were able to interweave the Bible with school. My kids had a blast making historical characters for our timeline and coloring pictures of what we were learning. Their highlight was mummifying each other. They got to learn what it was like to be wrapped like a mummy. (Luckily, we only had to use toilet paper!) We really enjoyed this family time learning and playing together. We grew personally and spiritually as a family. The Mystery of History drew us closer to God.

If you have children who are curious about the Bible and its historical significance, please consider The Mystery of History. Who knows? It may deepen your faith, too! And if you would like to follow my blog for ideas about homeschooling, homemaking, or holiday fun, please follow me, Laurie Shaw, at


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