This is part three of my Top Ten Tips for Homeshooling series. Find links to the other tips below. 

Simple Household Management

I’ve two short tips today on simple household management in the midst of a busy homeschool season.

The Lunch Menu

First, I learned the hard way that a lunch menu was an absolute must. Before I figured this out, my kids viewed me as a short order cook assuming they could shout out their tummy’s desires and be served. Great for them; terrible for me.

After spending 3-4 hours pouring over grammar, spelling, math, and Latin, the last thing I needed at noon was a headache over lunch. I simply did not have the energy for negotiating “what’s for lunch?” So, one day I whipped out a piece of notebook paper to menu plan an entire month of lunch ideas. I posted it on the fridge and voila! The deed was done and I could prepare lunch in peace without any bartering.

Simple? Yes. Helpful? Extremely. I highly recommend it.

In-Service Day

Second, I decided one day to borrow from public schools the idea of an “In-service Day.” Now, in the school system, I believe teachers gather at school without students on In-service Days for meetings and to take care of nitty-gritty schoolwork. (I don’t know because I’ve never been a public school teacher.) But I liked the idea of tending to bothersome details of schoolwork on a day carved out from the regular schedule.

My plan was to designate the first day of every month as an In-service Day, count it as one of our school days, but abandon the books and the lessons plans entirely. It was a day instead for us to deep clean our school, organize their work, and file away stray items.  This led more often than not to cleaning out closets and de-cluttering bulging dresser drawers of clothes the kids had outgrown.

In retrospect, these were not fun days! The kids would rather have done algebra than clean out closets. But I loved that these days were built into our lives to keep things running more smoothly all year long. Try it!

Top Ten Tips for Homeschooling Series

  1. Delegate
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