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The Mystery of History, Inc., established in 2002, is a small “personal” company—with a big heart. We say that because this corporation was founded by the author of The Mystery of History and has expanded to include just a few family members and close friends. We are (intentionally) a small, handpicked team who has been working out of the author’s home for over a decade to serve the needs of our readers. In addition, we have experienced volunteers across four time zones in the U. S. who offer phone counseling and email guidance to our world wide base of customers.

This means we’re not in the business of running a large warehouse, staffing a storefront location, or hiring out our marketing. (That’s not us!) We are in the business of deeply caring for you, your families, and your study of world history from a Christian worldview. (That’s our mission!)

Be it through counselproducts, a convention workshop, or the author’s blog, we’re here to help you journey through The Mystery of History at the right level for your family or classroom. Our audience has grown tremendously over the years, but we’re keeping it small here, on purpose, to serve you like friends and family. For more information on the author, and a look at her speaking schedule, please visit “About the Author.”

The Dark Side of History with Linda Lacour Hobar, author of The Mystery of History

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